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Monday, October 24, 2011

Right Brainer...that I am...

Can you imagine a world with Picasso? A world without the Sistine Chapel?  We live in a world with unlimited "eye-candy"....even Steve Jobs (RIP) and Bill Gates couldn't have shouted their wares to the world without marketing...thing about it.  Art is necessary.  A wonderful necessity.
Mrs. Schwartz was my 4th grade teacher at Sequoia Elementary. Loved, loved her. She would read "Charlotte's Web" to us after lunch....with my head resting on my desk, she had the gift to transform those words into real life for me...it remains my favorite childrens' book to this day.  I didn't want to go on to 5th grade. I wanted to stay in Mrs. Schwartz class forever. Mrs. Shwartz would let me decorate the class bulletin boards to illustrate the theme of the month......She would assign other students to help me..but they would skip out when the bell rang after school, oh no...not me. I would stay until Mrs. Schwartz had finished grading papers and straightening the room...only reluctantly walking home with white glue happily stuck to my hands, dreaming about color combinations for the next day. 4th grade was my Nirvana. Little did I know at the time that Mrs. Schwartz allowed my creative butterfly wings to unfold and see the world in a whole new light. Colored lights...lots and lots of colors.
I'm no rocket scientist, but academics came pretty easily to me in primary education. In my mind...good grades were just a vessel to have the teachers like me and allow me to doodle aimlessly after assignments were completed.  I don't remember ever having to "cram" for tests or stress out during report card time. It just was what it was. No, I wasn't a straight A student...but pretty close. I kind of regret not working harder at reading, writing and 'rithmetic, knowing what I know now...but hey...regrets are useless, right? 
What I DO know is that left brain people AND right brain people are essential to keep the world's "ship" righted.  A world with only left brain people, in my mind anyway,...would be boring, kind of a grey color..not really social...dull. A world with only right brain people would be, well - I'm biased, kind of colorful and happy people..but would we have the Iphone? Oh dear, one cannot imagine.
 There are people who think artists aren't "smart", and oh, how wrong they are...and there are artists who think scientists are dull. I'm still on the fence about that one. Insert smiley face here.  But Mrs. Schwartz? She made me feel like I was the smartest kid on the planet. Love her and thank her for that.
Everyone needs a Mrs. Schwartz.


Pam McKnight said...

Great post! Reminds me of my second grade teacher who had long painted fingernails and let us write on the board with colored chalk!

Southern Charm said...

Thank you Pam! I actually tried to find Mrs. Schwartz a few years back, but with no luck. Wish I could tell her how much positive impact she had on my life. :) Yay for your 2nd grade teacher and her colored chalk!!

Carrie said...

Hi Shari,

I'm writing you for two reasons. I own a couple of your necklaces and I love them. I live in Spokane Valley and wore one of your necklaces into a local clothing boutique, Jema Lane. The owner asked me about my necklace and I told her I bought it at the Vintage Barn Show. She expressed how she would really like to carry them in her shop. I told her I'd do my best to get a hold of the designer. So if you're interested you can contact her, Jani Davis, at 509-321-2330 .

Also, I wanted to get some more charms from you. I'd like to have a custom one made also. I checked out your blog and esty account. It looks like you keep various shops in the NW supplied, however, none of them are close to me. Is there any other way I can purchase some charms from you?

Thank you very much,

Carrie Allen

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