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Friday, October 9, 2009

More Art and Soul, Portland

A photo of my "table" at the vendor show...that was a fun 3 hours of chatting, selling, buying & admiring other vendor goodies!
It was great meeting Lisa Call and Susan Lenart-Kazmer, both amazing artists! Also, fun to spend time with Renee (you are truly a sweetheart and felt like I've known you forever!) and of course, Vickie! This was our third year in a row meeting in Portland - always something to look forward to! we are entertaining the thought of going to Las Vegas in February, if we can get into Sally Jean's Tiara class!
Melissa was a walking store of "frozen charlottes" and I bought a bundle of baby charlottes. can't wait to use them in a necklace or?
off to watch my son's game via CBS sports gametracker! Sadly, we are not there in person as they are at Stanford this weekend and we weren't able to make the trip! :(
Have a great weekend! it's record breaking chilly here in North Idaho! brrrrrrr....hope it's warmer wherever YOU are!

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Vickie said...

You put together a beautiful display - you've always had the knack of visual design.... love the charms, love the dolls!